Responsible Investing

With our broad institutional background, ensuring good outcomes for the members of retirement funds remains a central theme for RisCura. We help our clients to invest with care on behalf of their beneficiaries.

In line with our invest with care ethos, the concept of responsible investment has always driven our approach to the investment industry.  

While the traditional view of investment has always been about growing your money, responsible investing places the question of “how you grow your money” at its centre. It takes the view that the means are as important as the ends.  

As investors become increasingly concerned about the impact of their current decisions on society and the environment, responsible investment has become more prevalent. Environmental factors such as rapid climate change; social issues including transformation and gender equality; and business policies relating to aspects such as employee safety and wages means that institutional investors wanting to create positive change through their investment decisions are recognising the importance of ESG-related factors in their asset allocations. 

As one of the first signatories to the Principles for Responsible Investment, RisCura has always held responsible investing at the core. Our broad service offering means that we have to look holistically at how responsible investing plays out in all aspects of the value chain. Our commitment to sustainability can be seen in our Responsible Investment Code, which ensures that we take these factors into account in every decision we make. 

Our responsible investment philosophy is built on four core tenets: good governance, active ownership, the integration of ESG factors, and material impact to create sustained value for clients and other stakeholders through the services we provide, and as responsible stewards of capital. 

Our code is designed to start with us, looking at our own governance and policies and recognising our fiduciary duties, the importance of transparency and fostering collaboration between stakeholders.

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