Our analytical services are designed to help you build a robust understanding of your investments through our world-class research, accurate interpretation of information and specialist analysis of investment data at every level. It is about providing the tools you need to make informed investment decisions that are empowering for your business. Our starting point is defining and understanding your needs first, and then allowing this to inform not only the data we gather, but also how we present it. This allows us to show the complex interplay of data sets in a way that is clear, relevant and intuitive.

Compliance Reporting

What we do

Our regulatory compliance reporting service was initially developed in response to the rigorous South African pension fund regulations. However, today we produce reporting of a standard lauded by both investors and regulators globally. Our reports go beyond regulatory requirements, with deeper analysis that enables you to continuously monitor positions and make appropriate adjustments at every level of operation. This includes reporting on Regulation 28, Regulation 30 and BN52 compliance.
Keeping up with investment managers, mancos and asset owners’ compliance and internal mandate rules requires analytical skill and deep knowledge of the underlying products, as well as earning trust with managers and keeping abreast of the latest best practices. Our investor-minded approach to mandate compliance facilitates understanding at a deeper level, enabling us to process every check and calculation swiftly and accurately.
How we do it


A Deep Understanding
Our compliance reporting services were developed for the complex regulatory environment governing South African pension funds, medical schemes and hedge funds. This has resulted in reporting that goes beyond surface analysis and offers more in-depth and relevant information.


Analytical Skill
Having a deep understanding of the regulatory environment and your needs, together with keeping abreast with industry changes, allows us to develop deeper insights, beyond regularity compliance offering real insight and value.


Proprietary Technology
The compliance systems we have built in-house cater to the complex regulatory environments. This strong platform means these systems and outputs can be customised to meet your specific requirements.
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