Expert Investment Management

Our investment management services draw on our extensive, specialist knowledge to mitigate risk and ensure growth for your investments, while simultaneously having a positive impact on the world. These services draw on decades of expertise in managing diverse portfolios in complex regulatory environments to actively steer your portfolio towards meeting your unique investment objectives.

Discretionary Fund Management

What we do

We support institutional-focused financial advisors and employee benefit consultants with the provision of specially designed investment solutions for their clients looking for retirement, beneficiary care or in-fund annuity solutions.
We design and implement the investment solutions following a rigorous process built over many years of serving some of the continent’s largest pension and medical schemes. This gives the clients and their advisors the comfort of a team with many years of investment expertise and experience, and a track record of providing these solutions to clients.

What we offer

We offer investment products that cater for the retirement, medical fund, beneficiary care or in-fund annuity requirements for advisors, consultants and their clients. The solutions use the collective investment scheme solutions we have set up through Prescient Fund Services for ease of clients either sitting on, or considering moving to, platforms or umbrella schemes. These solutions suit clients who have limited time and resources to manage their own investment solution and who are comfortable delegating their investments needs to the experts.
In addition, we offer financial advisors and clients looking for their own bespoke solution the option of model portfolios. Our model portfolio services are designed to provide investors with a managed portfolio in a cost-effective and easy-to-understand format. This service is perfect for investors who seek to be hands-off, or for investors seeking easy exposure to global financial markets. This service starts by first understanding your investment needs and goals, as well as your risk appetite, before using our knowledge of the markets to select the right model portfolio for your needs. Our model portfolio service allows investors to achieve their return, risk and diversification goals safely in the knowledge that their portfolio is being managed in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

How We Do It

We have developed our knowledge and experience of building and implementing investment strategies for large institutional investors over 15 years, and we use this same experience and investment knowledge to develop the discretionary fund management investment solutions for clients and their advisors looking for an investment solution that is accessible and easy to implement.
We have extensive and well-established investment research capabilities in South Africa and leverage off the international investment research performed by our offices around the globe, giving the portfolio management team every advantage in implementing investment solutions for our clients.
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