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Our investment management services draw on our extensive, specialist knowledge to mitigate risk and ensure growth for your investments, while simultaneously having a positive impact on the world. These services draw on decades of expertise in managing diverse portfolios in complex regulatory environments to actively steer your portfolio towards meeting your unique investment objectives.

Manager Support & Development

What we do

Through our Manager Development Programme, we aim to build future capacity, develop skills and increase diversity in the African investment industry. This programme uses our tools, systems and expertise to provide resources and guidance to emerging fund managers so they can meet your investment goals. These managers can rely on our skills in portfolio management and construction, risk analysis, development of mandates, research and monitoring. With regular and intentional engagements, our team of experts are able to provide crucial guidance and support to the investment managers within the programme, while simultaneously mitigating risk for investors.
How we do it


Proven Track Record
For the past two decades we’ve actively worked towards uplifting emerging fund managers, leading to the establishment of our Manager Development Programme and our work with the African Women Impact Fund.


Risk Management
Our background in risk analysis and management places us in a unique position where we can provide ongoing guidance to managers to ensure investors’ goals and mandates are met.


Ongoing Support For Managers
Through our manager development initiatives, we are able to offer ongoing expert guidance to managers, giving them the tools they need to meet your investment objectives.

Programme Overview

Skills development

Growing the industry into a more representative one is more than just supporting managers (entrepreneurs).It is also about promoting investment skillsets, particularly alternatives, through skills development within the firms that we support to empower the next generation to become globally competitive.

Supporting women-owned and led firms

We recognise that greater levels of gender diversity is required across the industry.The programme aims to support firms that are women-owned and led to create a more inclusive investment industry.

Building capacity

Today’s investment industry is not fully representative of the regional demographics that investment managers serve.Partnering with RisCura helps investors to take active steps by focusing on areas in the market that support diversity and build future capacity.

Key pillars of the programme

RisCura’s portfolio management function ensures that the Manager Development Programme’s overall portfolio structuring, risk management, discretionary implementation, Limited Partner Advisory Committee representation and asset allocation alignment through the use of derivatives are managed on an active basis.

RisCura’s investment research team identifies the investment managers that will be supported through the Manager Development Programme by conducting detailed due diligence covering investments and operations. The process also includes extensive engagement on items such as mandate alignment, and continuous investment and operations monitoring.

The manager support function is the most crucial part of the Manager Development Programme. RisCura is able to leverage our global investment expertise to support investment managers in all areas of investment management, including risk management, business functionality and governance matters. With regular and intentional engagements our team of experts are able to provide crucial guidance and support to the investment managers within the programme.

Meet our participating managers

Meet some of our graduate managers

Partner with us

RisCura offers the Manager Development Programme to institutional investors on a discretionary basis. In this programme, investors provide us with mandates to meet their specific manager development investment goals. RisCura is dedicated to working with our clients to build additional capacity in the industry, across all asset classes, to allow us all to enable and benefit from a more inclusive investment industry. Contact us using the “Find out more” form to the right.

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