Our advisory services are designed to provide you with the strategic framework you need to navigate the complex investment landscape. From manager selection to strategic development and tailored portfolio construction, these services ensure that your unique investment goals and requirements are met.

Portfolio Construction

What we do

Our investment mandate design and review service aims to provide investment managers with the framework they need to successfully and optimally allocate and invest client funds and construct portfolios. This process considers client goals, priorities, benchmarks and risk appetite to determine which assets to buy, hold or sell based on the client’s needs.
Our private equity portfolio construction service takes our analytical approach to portfolio construction and proprietary tools and applies them to this highly specialised asset class. With their ability to mitigate risk through increased diversification unlisted investments continue to play an important role in building robust portfolios. Our service helps ensure accurate evaluation of these asset types through precise valuation, specialised modelling and carefully curated data.
We provide expert benchmarking services for a range of investments, managers and service providers, from stock exchanges to banks, exchange-traded fund providers and investment managers. We specialise in helping clients create benchmarks where calculations are complex or require difficult-to-find data, with returns and constituents calculated daily or monthly, enabling straightforward performance tracking and accurate peer comparisons.
How we do it


Understand Client Needs
Like so many other advisory services, our recommendations and strategies draw on the thorough research and analysis tools at our disposal not only to fully understand our clients’ needs, but also which strategies will help achieve these. This methodical approach to constructing portfolios and mandates provides clear and actionable directives to managers.


Expert Valuation
Our pioneering work in valuation in emerging markets and unlisted assets means that our advice is backed by the most accurate information available captured through proprietary methodologies.
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