Our advisory services are designed to provide you with the strategic framework you need to navigate the complex investment landscape. From manager selection to strategic development and tailored portfolio construction, these services ensure that your unique investment goals and requirements are met.

Investment Strategy

What we do

Our approach to strategy starts with developing an understanding of the unique needs of each of our clients. This goes deeper than just understanding the investment goals, but rather developing a deeper understanding of the beliefs and objectives of each client considering their individual goals, risk tolerance, time horizon and expectations. This provides us with the basis for creating strategies that provide the framework for future investor decision-making and approaches.
Our investment policy design services are aimed at providing fund managers with a clear and actionable framework designed to meet a client’s goals and objectives. This tailored investment policy contains strategic instructions for asset allocation, risk tolerance and the meeting of liquidity requirements to ensure that a client’s long-term goals are realised. This policy is backed by stringent monitoring and benchmarking services to track performance and allow for informed policy changes when necessary.
Strategy identifies and defines the “what” and the “where” of investment, who will manage the process, how you will deal with unforeseen events and the metrics you will reference to measure progress and participants’ performance. With long-proven capabilities in helping investors and management teams successfully optimise returns based on liabilities, needs, objectives or goals, we bring the experience, expertise and resources that create clear and actionable investment strategies – helping to manage risk while focusing on the portfolio construction, asset allocations and management structures that deliver on every class of financial objective.
Asset liability modelling (ALM) is a vital foundation for any investment strategy. It is the tool we use to establish asset allocation parameters in relation to liabilities, objectives, needs or goals. Based on both our own development and leading academic works, our proprietary ALM owes as much to physics as actuarial science, enabling our team of highly skilled specialists to choose mathematical modelling and value analyses over “gut feel” – essential in avoiding unnecessary risk and cost.
Strategic asset allocation is the principal driver behind any successful investment strategy and the first step in optimising an implementation that will manage capital in line with your needs, goals, objectives and liabilities. This service provides the foundation for developing investment strategies that meet financial objectives and maximise performance over the long term. Our approach features careful research and modelling to determine optimal allocation of assets with checks to ensure compliance and support periodic rebalancing and cash flow management that keeps investment strategies aligned with their pre-set allocation parameters.
How we do it


Built Around Unique Liabilities And Goals
All strategic advice starts with understanding the unique liabilities and goals of our clients and builds a custom solution from the ground up. At RisCura, we don’t do cookie-cutter solutions; we map out the path that is right for each individual client.


Proven And Robust Modelling
Our advanced modelling capabilities allow us to draw on this data when creating strategies for our clients. This means we can provide advice that is informed and tested against a wide variety of variables to make accurate future performance predictions.


Identifying New Strategies
We are always interrogating our approach to investment strategy to ensure we stay on the pulse of changes in the industry and find new ways to create value for our clients.
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