Expert Investment Management

Our investment management services draw on our extensive, specialist knowledge to mitigate risk and ensure growth for your investments, while simultaneously having a positive impact on the world. These services draw on decades of expertise in managing diverse portfolios in complex regulatory environments to actively steer your portfolio towards meeting your unique investment objectives.

Fund Management Services

What we do

  • Unitisation and cash flow management

We help institutional clients to allocate investment performance accurately to the members of funds, regardless of the complexity or diversity of the underlying investments, and regardless of the number and objective of the member portfolios. We have been unitising large and complex clients for over 15 years, removing complexity and allowing our clients to accurately track each member’s investment valuation and performance daily. Our customised cash flow management and unitisation services process daily cash flows and portfolio market values, enabling the ongoing monitoring of asset allocations and minimisation of transaction costs. This service covers the daily collection of market values, the receipt and processing of instructions, asset rebalancing within strategic asset allocations and reviews and reports at appropriate intervals, including assistance with end-of-year reports. With industry-leading systems and experienced specialised teams, we meet all monitoring, management and reporting requirements, allowing you to manage assets as they relate to individual investors in an equitable and timely basis.

  • Transition management

Whether the intention is the rebalancing of a portfolio, the appointment of new managers or the disinvestment from an existing manager, the role of the transition management service is to reduce the costs associated with trading and ensuring the clients’ assets are aligned as close as possible to the intended investment strategy. As a truly independent project manager, we turn any transition into a disciplined and integrated process, managed by specialists who oversee all responsible parties at every stage, while remaining separate and distinct from the brokers we select. We do not trade for our own account, which ensures that we maintain an impartial and balanced view that always serves our clients’ interests. Whether you are looking to move an entire fund, change asset allocation within a fund, rebalance a portfolio or proceed with a merger or acquisition, our transition management service oversees the entire transition process in a systematic and risk-controlled manner across multiple asset classes.

  • Fund accounting & reporting

We provide clients with the information to maintain control of your investment activity and more effectively work towards your strategic objectives through the range of investment accounting services that deliver the processing and accurate reporting you need. The accounting processes we design and employ are by their nature extremely data intensive. To ensure the accurate and timely delivery of the information to clients, we use powerful and flexible systems capable of dealing with instruments from any jurisdiction and at the most granular levels of detail to create clear outputs across monthly, quarterly and annual reports. This in turn allows clients to have greater awareness across all their holdings.
How we do it


Experienced Team

Our team of investment management experts is made up of individuals with highly specialised knowledge of every aspect of fund management. Their experience ensures accuracy, transparency and compliance regardless of the fund being managed.


Accounting Proficiency

Our accounting system combines data-intensive processes and flexible systems to allow us to deal with complex financial instruments from any jurisdiction. These systems allow us to retrieve information at a granular level to ensure accuracy and help facilitate better decision-making.


Regulatory Expertise

Our approach to compliance eases complexity by lifting the burden of analysis and reporting. Our regulatory services are built around more than 10 years’ experience as recognised compliance and risk management experts.

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