What we’re about

Defining the People of RisCura

When asked to describe the average person at RisCura, we normally talk about how it’s impossible to build a culture based on innovation, world-leading expertise and uniquely smart thinking without bringing together a very special group of human beings. Within our teams you will find a distinct, young-at-heart group of professionals who passionately want to do right by our clients, not to mention the millions of everyday people who rely on us to maximise investment performance so they can live richer lives. And considering what we do, it’s no surprise that the people who make up RisCura also constitute our biggest investment.

Diversity Counts

We’re proud of our diversity – not only on social and cultural levels but also across the professions and sciences we employ. From chartered accountants and advanced business brains to analysts, actuarial scientists, physicists, and technologists, we have been described affectionately as passionate geeks who create and deliver some of the most forward-thinking investment offerings available in the world today. Perhaps we are; because we do.

So, Who is a RisCura Person?

The fact is, there are no average people at RisCura. What’s more, you’ll find nothing average about a career at RisCura, as you work with an illustrious variety of colleagues and clients, and on groundbreaking projects that push the boundaries of investment practice. Whether you choose systems development or investment consulting, financial analytics, fund services, transitions or private equity valuation, you’ll play an integral part in binding RisCura together, while playing your part in shaping the future of investment finance.

What’s So Special About the RisCura Culture?

Simply put, RisCura is a totally unique work environment. We create the spaces where future entrepreneurs are identified and nurtured, and where the next generation of financial rocket scientists, c-suite players (CEO, COO, CFO etc.) and visionary thinkers develop the skills to shape the future of investment finance. That’s why those who make it onto our graduate programmes soon find themselves with professional exposure beyond their role, with challenges that build both character and ability. Ours is a culture that supports and energises, where industry-changing concepts are encouraged and developed and where bold thinkers make their ideas come alive. Openness and honesty are not options and management hierarchy comes with more equality than you might expect in supporting an intellectually fertile environment of communication and thought-leadership.

Want to know more?

Contact Anisha Moodley, HR Manager at careers@riscura.com