Our analytical services are designed to help you build a robust understanding of your investments through our world-class research, accurate interpretation of information and specialist analysis of investment data at every level. It is about providing the tools you need to make informed investment decisions that are empowering for your business. Our starting point is defining and understanding your needs first, and then allowing this to inform not only the data we gather, but also how we present it. This allows us to show the complex interplay of data sets in a way that is clear, relevant and intuitive.

Portfolio Analysis

What we do

Our performance analysis and reporting service gives you the complete picture of how a single manager, multi-manager, asset owner or complex fund has performed relative to its benchmark, as well as contextualising investment performance against markets, industry peers and competitors. Further attribution analysis can be conducted at stock, industry, sector, regional, asset class and factor level, and can be visualised in an intuitive, interactive dashboard tailored to be relevant to your direct needs.
  • Performance measurement
  • Performance attribution
  • Transaction cost analysis
  • Peer analysis
Typically, risk and performance are viewed independently. At RisCura, we believe that it is only through understanding the relationship and constant interplay between risk and performance that we can report an accurate interpretation of this dynamic. It is through this interplay that we assist you in identifying blind spots in portfolio construction and risks. We incorporate our performance attribution modules with risk, style and valuation factors to ensure that we provide an accurate and meaningful risk-adjusted framework. We calculate our own risk metrics and collaborate with an industry-recognised external global risk tool to provide you with a holistic portfolio risk oversight. This will typically include a report at a granular and a macro level across asset classes.
  • Risk and Style Exposure Analysis
  • Factor risk analysis
  • Credit Risk Exposure Analysis
  • Bespoke Client Factor Exposures
  • Scenario Stress Testing
Our sustainability service looks across a range of sustainability activities, including ESG risk assessment metrics and impact classifications. Over the past decade, considerations around sustainability of investments have continued to rise in importance and this has led to ESG considerations becoming an additional insight for investment decision-making. ESG data can be used to provide insight into the environmental, social and governance risks facing investments, while impact data can be used to determine how investments affect the world around them.
  • ESG monitoring and reporting
  • Impact measurement and reporting
  • Infrastructure reporting
  • Impact verification
How we do it


Data Led
Big Data isn’t just a buzzword, it is the reality, and the key to the creation of robust and accurate models and compliance tools. Our proprietary technologies and tools allow us to process and analyse this ocean of data to extract the most pertinent insights for your portfolio.


Expert Analysis
Our specialist team use their experience in data analytics to define, extract and consolidate information most relevant to your portfolio, to give you an accurate, relevant and intuitive picture.


Clear, Relevant Reporting
This information is presented in a tailored dashboarding solution. Each dashboard can be customised to your needs and what is most relevant to your portfolio, allowing for seamless access to information.
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