Diversity and Development

Even in 2023, it is apparent that the investment industry lacks diversity. At RisCura, we believe that this has created an industry that not only lacks diverse views and understanding but is wholly unsustainable in the long term.

The need for a more diverse industry is not about optics, but instead is a fundamental requirement for a well-functioning industry. A lack thereof creates an environment where people making important decisions for their beneficiaries lack understanding of the needs and realities of the savers they serve.

RisCura was started by entrepreneurs and has grown into a global investment firm. That experience provides us with useful skills to draw on and share, and it is part of our vision to help other firms go through their own growth process. For over two decades we have actively backed start-up and emerging investment managers from diverse backgrounds with the goal of making the industry more representative of the society in which it functions. 

One example of this is the RisCura Manager Development Programme. The programme aims to ensure that black investment managers are equipped to attract clients as well as be termed as being of institutional quality. As part of this process the programme aims to support women-owned and led investment firms, while also looking for opportunities to help further develop the skills of up-and-coming investment professionals. 

Beyond the ongoing support, the programme includes a focus on investing in alternative asset classes and impact investment opportunities, with training dedicated to sharing expertise in this area, as we believe this is a crucial component of growing more sustainable and equitable economies. RisCura leverages our vast experience to support and guide investment managers in all facets of not only managing a portfolio but also operating a business.

Managers can utilise our portfolio management skillsets in regard to portfolio construction, risk management, discretionary implementation and asset allocation to ensure high level active management of portfolios. 

This is just one example of our commitment to developing a more diverse industry, but it demonstrates our commitment to helping to ensure that the investment industry of the future truly represents the people it is meant to serve.

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