Care is in our DNA

From the beginning, RisCura set out to be a different kind of company. One that not only nurtured innovation and performance, but also placed the concept of care at the heart of our approach.

Founded in 1999 by Jarred Glansbeek, RisCura was created as an answer to the limited, one size fits all services available to institutional investors in South Africa. Jarred’s intention was not just to challenge the accepted norms in the investment industry, but also to fundamentally transform the pervasive approach to investment services, particularly for institutional funds with complex liability profiles.
It was this approach of first looking to the needs of institutional investors, and their members or beneficiaries, where the invest with care philosophy initially manifested, and it has gone on to shape every aspect of RisCura in the years that have followed.
This philosophy has driven our expansion into new services and markets as well as our innovation of new products and technologies to analyse, model and manage.

Invested in a better future

Today, our offering has grown to reflect a full suite of financial services aimed at fostering understanding, providing strategically sound advice, and managing investments. We have offices in the United Kingdom, United States, China and across the African continent. These teams have brought our invest with care philosophy to myriad clients around the world with combined assets of more than $200 billion.
As we have continued to evolve and innovate, the founding philosophy of progressive investment, backed by a great sense of responsibility toward the end saver, has remained unchanged. It can be seen in our approach to our clients; our focus on emerging markets; our impact investment products; and the myriad programs we employ to help redefine and shape the future of the investment industry.
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