Our analytical services are designed to help you build a robust understanding of your investments through our world-class research, accurate interpretation of information and specialist analysis of investment data at every level. It is about providing the tools you need to make informed investment decisions that are empowering for your business. Our starting point is defining and understanding your needs first, and then allowing this to inform not only the data we gather, but also how we present it. This allows us to show the complex interplay of data sets in a way that is clear, relevant and intuitive.


What we do

Our manager research service brings our strong capabilities in research to the fore and is backed by a deep understanding of risk management in both emerging and developed markets. This helps you achieve significant investment returns by blending specialist mandates and management styles together, while ensuring managers’ portfolio holdings continue to maximise diversification benefits.
Our market research services are the result of in-depth analysis of a wide range of economic data and market behaviour to better understand the implications for investors and help guide policy and portfolio creation. Our research approach is tailored to your individual needs and includes a holistic macro-economic analysis and more focused research into specific asset classes.
  • Macro-economic research
  • Asset class research
Needs and goals can vary greatly, and it is often important to tailor research services to these specifics. Our bespoke research service focuses on niche research projects and draws on customised information specific to each project to cover new ground and provide insights that aren’t readily available through existing platforms.
How we do it


Robust Methodology
While no two research projects are exactly alike, we approach each job through our tried and tested research methodology to ensure we begin our analysis with the most relevant information. This robust methodology ensures the accuracy of information for the development of effective strategies.


Powerful Tools
We leverage our proprietary tools and knowledge to go beyond surface level research and find the true insights that bring real value.


Relevant Insights
All research starts with a deep understanding of your objectives and specific needs, so that the research offers real and relevant insight. This aligns to our Invest with Care philosophy, which starts with your individual needs and builds each project around them.
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