With our broad institutional background, ensuring good outcomes for the members of retirement funds remains a central theme for RisCura.

We help our clients to invest with care on behalf of their beneficiaries. This care goes beyond the skills, systems, tools and approaches we have developed to create, analyse, manage and advise on complex investment portfolios for large institutional clients. What we have learned is that the retirement industry cuts across investment issues, social issues and regulatory issues in a constantly changing landscape, one that needs to adapt to a variety of factors beyond ensuring there is good retirement income for members, and not only from a financial perspective.

All around the world we see people living longer, but also working for longer; we see the impact and the potential of the gig economy; the increasing value of social capital; the progress in the fight for gender equality; we see the dire need for socially and environmentally responsible investment decisions. Our Invest with Care philosophy means that we see the building of financial capital for our members as an opportunity to create social and environmental capital as well. We constantly need to ask what kind of future world are our clients’ beneficiaries retiring into? What is the point of a pile of cash at retirement, if the society and environment into which you are going to retire, does not exist?  In finding answers to these questions, we find ways to implement them into the investment retirement strategies, remain curious about the world, but most importantly, care about the outcomes for the members.

We see stark reminders of the social, health and environmental issues we all face. Cleaner and greener investing has become more urgent to achieve and retirement funds, as institutional investors with considerable assets, can influence these issues through responsible and sustainable investing.

As the pace of change continues to increase driven by globalisation and technology, we find the landscape is in a state of constant flux. The retirement picture can no longer be understood on the same terms as before. Old models that focused on factors such as defined benefits vs defined contribution; or capital protection vs income protection.

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