With offices across the globe including the African continent, United Kingdom, United States and China, we are able to bring our unique investment approach to clients around the world.

What we have found is that while each country is unique, the concept of responsible investing is universal, and it is this principle that shapes our approach in each market. Our invest with care philosophy demands that we look at each market holistically, considering not just financial opportunities, but also the potential for our investments to impact positively on social and environmental sustainability.
With our ability to grapple with complex regulatory requirements and our expertise in manager research, unlisted valuations, due diligence and more, we are uniquely qualified to navigate new and complex financial environments. However, to deliver powerful investment solutions, we need to build a broad and extensive understanding of the market itself.
It is this balance between our proprietary tools and unique expertise on the one hand, and the blank page approach to each market on the other, that has allowed us to find success where even the biggest players have failed.

Leveraging Local

While our guiding mandate and methodology will always be consistent, our solutions look different in each country and with each client. This is because we understand that to create true value it is necessary to be firmly plugged into the market.

This extends beyond the financial sector, considering cultural and environmental factors to create a solution that not only yields positive results, but also builds and enriches the land and the people.
That is why we actively seek out markets where we can create synergies with local partners, relying on their in-depth, on the ground knowledge to make decisions that are informed by the lived reality of the people.
From partnering with local experts to setting up training and incubation projects we aim to bridge the gap between our systems and the realities of each country.

An Interconnected World

We view every new market, not just as an opportunity to create value for our clients, but as a chance to learn from the markets themselves.

While many of the tools we use can be transferred to new markets it is through this understanding of local nuance that we lay the groundwork for further global growth.
An organisation that constantly innovates and pushes boundaries naturally improves its capabilities. And as we immerse ourselves in local markets, learning how things are done and developing valuable local insights, this knowledge can be applied to meeting client requirements in countries thousands of miles away.
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