Emerging Market Investing

Our focus on emerging markets is built on a deep understanding of the markets themselves. This is backed by our global footprint and makes use of our intensive market research and analytical capabilities, to ensure that we have a firm grasp of the nuances and subtleties that drive growth in each respective market.

Our understanding of these markets is driven by immersion with RisCura having a physical, on-the-ground presence. We believe that this first-hand knowledge is the key to unlocking the full potential of emerging markets as it allows us to make investment decisions that are based on up-to-date facts and current realities, rather than relying on second-hand news.

Our tailored approach to strategy is informed by the knowledge that no two markets are the same, and as fast-growing economies they are in a state of constant flux and present a diverse range of challenges and opportunities. This goes beyond just economic factors, with a deeper understanding of socio-economic and political differences such as demographics, policy as well as access to the global financial system.

Our proprietary systems, tools and models allow us to use real data to analyse and create investment strategies that are uniquely suited to the complexities of each market with in-depth research, modelling and quants, valuation and asset allocation all playing a vital role.

Our deep understanding of responsible investing including ESG modelling as well as regularity compliance services also plays an important role in ensuring our emerging market portfolios are in line with global investment trends and regulations geared towards sustainability.

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