While RisCura has always focussed on sound investment decisions, full transparency, excellent execution and accuracy, it is our philosophy of responsible investment that has allowed us to guide investors towards making better decisions that have a positive impact on the world around them.

Responsible investment is not a feel-good issue, but a set of principles that begins with remembering the people we ultimately work for, and our duty to them. This drives us to develop products and strategies that don’t just perform better, but also benefit the people who most rely on them.

Guided By Care

Now more than ever we are seeing the need for sustainability in the world and in business. We understand that we all have a responsibility to help create a better future. The invest with care philosophy is about more than accuracy and due diligence, instead it is a call to action, a challenge to ourselves to place the human duty of care and the very same values we espouse to our clients and the wider world at the heart of our advice, insights and decision making.

Innovative Investing

We live in a changing world where new challenges and new opportunities arise daily. To stay relevant, you need to understand and adapt to these changes. This concept has driven our innovative approach to portfolio construction and product creation, and our development of proprietary tools, to not only stay on the pulse of what is happening today, but to also utilise these tools to build a better tomorrow.

The Blank Page Approach

At RisCura we understand that client needs differ greatly, and there are no one-size-fits-all solutions. That’s why we always start with each individual client’s direct needs and business problems and build our solutions around this. We call this the blank page approach. It isn’t about repackaging old solutions but instead drawing on our experience, expertise, and critical thinking to find solutions that break new ground and provide truly tailormade solutions.
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