Expert Investment Management

Our investment management services draw on our extensive, specialist knowledge to mitigate risk and ensure growth for your investments, while simultaneously having a positive impact on the world. These services draw on decades of expertise in managing diverse portfolios in complex regulatory environments to actively steer your portfolio towards meeting your unique investment objectives.


What we do

We manage a wide range of both multi-asset and single-asset class multi-managed portfolios on behalf of clients. Our extensive experience in portfolio construction and advanced tools allows us to see different market conditions and understand investors’ needs. It also provides us with the foundation to build risk- and return-appropriate well-managed portfolios.
As established global investment experts, our multi-management offering is supported by our strong foundations in asset allocation and manager research capabilities. Our proven and tested proprietary asset optimisation modelling and over 20 years of macro and manager research enable us to construct expert objective-driven and risk-managed multi-asset and single asset multi-managed products. Our skills allow us to offer products targeting inflation or specific investment needs across an array of global asset classes, while considering diversity objectives, ESG factors and cost.
How we do it


Asset Allocation
Research shows that asset allocation accounts for more than 90% of a fund’s returns. We have, therefore, spent years fine tuning our proven proprietary asset optimisation model which allows for liability-driven strategies, inflation-targeted strategies or a customised target. Our model has been used successfully on some of the largest institutional investors on the continent.


Manager Selection Experience
Our manager research and due diligence services are led by our senior investment experts who personally participate in the investment research. Over the last 20 years, we have researched and understood every single asset manager in South Africa, and we continue to grow our reach globally.


Proven Track Record

Our experience in the markets we work within and our strong technical background, together with the skills we have honed in identifying and selecting fund managers, go back nearly 20 years and have provided our clients with market-beating returns and innovative strategies over many periods and across asset classes. 

As a signatory to the PRI (Principles for Responsible Investment) and an endorser of CRISA, we are committed to recognising and applying the principles of responsible investing throughout our business. Given RisCura’s “Invest with Care” brand promise, we clearly recognise our investment decisions have a long-lasting impact on our stakeholders, the regions we operate in and our planet. We create long-term value for clients and stakeholders by upholding good governance practices, integrating ESG considerations within our investment processes, generating meaningful long-term impact and being responsible stewards of capital.
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