Our advisory services are designed to provide you with the strategic framework you need to navigate the complex investment landscape. From manager selection to strategic development and tailored portfolio construction, these services ensure that your unique investment goals and requirements are met.

Alternatives and Impact

What we do

Alternatives provide investors with the opportunity to invest in the real economy and provide access to diversification and opportunities for exponential growth. The greatest challenge we face with Alternatives is the perceived risk investors hold around these types of investments.
Our Alternatives advisory services are largely dedicated to demystifying and deconstructing these investments to give potential investors a clear and accurate picture of the risks and rewards inherent in Alternatives.
Backed by a highly specialised global team we start by placing client needs at the forefront, looking at their investment goals and constraints of investors, including cashflow and liquidity needs, return targets, comfort with illiquidity risk, existing investment portfolio and internal resource capabilities.
This allows us to create the strategic framework for the construction of highly optimised portfolios that align with the governance structures of investors and their investment goals. This is supported by continuous active monitoring and oversight to ensure our clients are given a clear and accurate picture of their portfolio.
Whether it is through our experience in areas such as private equity and debt, or in the creation of new impact products, as opportunities become harder to come by, RisCura is uniquely positioned to offer alternatives that are aligned to investor priorities.
  • Private Equity and Debt
  • Venture Capital
  • Infrastructure
  • Impact Investments
  • Unlisted Property
  • Hedge Funds
  • Structured Products
  • Derivatives
How we do it


Constant Innovation
By their nature alternative investments require us to stay on the pulse of new developments within the investment industries and the greater environment in which we all function. This is about the need to constantly interrogate and measure our approach to find new ways of doing things.


Highly Skilled Team
The RisCura team features a range of specialists from a variety of backgrounds who each bring unique insight and experience that position us to take advantage of and break new ground in the alternative investment space. With a global footprint our alternatives team are highly adept at seeking out alternatives in markets around the world.


Deep Understanding And Experience
Since our inception RisCura have pioneered the category of alternatives. This has provided us with the skill sets to accurately evaluate Alternatives and develop new products that actively create value for our clients.
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