Our advisory services are designed to provide you with the strategic framework you need to navigate the complex investment landscape. From manager selection to strategic development and tailored portfolio construction, these services ensure that your unique investment goals and requirements are met.

Investment Manager Selection

What we do

Our advice on investment manager selection combines our vast industry expertise and knowledge of global investment management practice with understanding of individual manager styles and methodologies. This advisory service draws on our intensive manager research and selection process. This ensures our advice is based not only on comprehensive and independent research and analysis, but also insights from dedicated investment specialists. The advisory service allows us to support our clients in making the best decisions when selecting a manager.
Our relationships with, and knowledge of, global investment managers, coupled with an extensive database of fees, means we are well placed to negotiate favourable fixed or performance-linked fees on behalf of our clients, while ensuring fee structures are fair and appropriate.
How we do it


Independent Research
When advising on managers we rely on intensive research in putting together a shortlist for our clients. Our knowledge of best practice in terms of global investment practice allows us to make educated and informed recommendations based on our best view of managers.


Transformation Focus
There are many reasons why transformation is important in the investment industry, but for us the most important one is so that the people making investment decisions understand the lived realities of the beneficiaries they are ultimately making the decision for.


Holistic Approach
Our understanding of our clients’ needs combined with our rigorous and intensive selection process for managers means we are well positioned to provide advice that is accurate, transparent and most aligned to serving our client’s investment needs.
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