Our analytical services are designed to help you build a robust understanding of your investments through our world-class research, accurate interpretation of information and specialist analysis of investment data at every level. It is about providing the tools you need to make informed investment decisions that are empowering for your business. Our starting point is defining and understanding your needs first, and then allowing this to inform not only the data we gather, but also how we present it. This allows us to show the complex interplay of data sets in a way that is clear, relevant and intuitive.

Benchmarking and Indexation

What we do

Our independent benchmark construction service helps us create benchmarks where calculations are complex or require difficult-to-find data, with returns and constituents calculated daily or monthly, enabling straightforward performance tracking and accurate peer comparisons.
Our proprietary technology enables us to customise and automate all relevant measurement processes for index calculation and development from a knowledge base that extends beyond the calculation of indices to the design, construction and rules that govern them, along with back-testing, model testing and development of ideas into quantitative models.
Our smart beta and thematic construction service combines the benefits of passive investing with an overlay of active investing strategies to deliver a reasonably priced product that offers both diversification and attractive risk-adjusted returns.
How we do it


Proprietary Technology
We are able to offer customised benchmarking solutions by using world-leading data providers and our own proprietary database.


Expert Analysis
Our specialist team uses their experience and skill to define and calculate benchmarks and indices in accordance with pre-defined ground rules.


Smart Use of Data
By capitalising on our years of experience in providing benchmarking services, we are able to smartly utilise internal and external market data, including difficult-to-find information, to provide a robust and transparent service.
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