Responsible investing

Asset class
Equities, Fixed income, Multi asset
Multi-manager, South African CIS, Irish QIAIF
Impact, Diversity
Strategy Size
Strategy Start date
South Africa, Ireland
Responsible investing considers environmental, social and governance issues when making investment decisions and influencing companies or assets through active stewardship by investors. It complements financial analysis and portfolio construction by explicitly considering the impact on society of the investments being made.


Invest with Care
At RisCura, we believe that our work is not only about money and numbers; it’s about the lives and futures of all the people who are impacted by what we do. Emerging markets in general, and Africa in particular, have the greatest need for effective social upliftment and an energy transition that balances the needs of the planet and of local residents.


Identifying areas of impact
RisCura is exceptionally well placed to identify the areas of highest potential impact to help asset owners around the world gain maximum benefit from their socially oriented investment programmes.