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Globally, the investment industry is still marked by a lack of diversity. We believe it is of the utmost importance that the investment industry becomes more representative of the individuals and communities it is meant to serve. This results in a better understanding of the real, everyday needs of the ultimate asset owners (like pension fund beneficiaries) and brings fresh thinking to the table. We believe diversity is an essential ingredient that challenges and interrogates entrenched views and ensures that new perspectives are considered and adopted. A focus on the development and support of new managers helps futureproof the investment industry by ensuring that there will be capacity to match industry growth.


Addressing diversity
Our manager development strategies are designed to help redress lack of diversity by creating a more representative industry. For over two decades, we have actively backed start-up and emerging black and women asset managers, with the goal of diversifying the industry and making it more reflective of the demographics of the markets themselves. This support has evolved into a discretionary offering: the RisCura Manager Development Programme.


Developing talent
The programme equips asset managers with the skills they need to attract clients, with investment solutions to match, and is backed by regular and intentional engagements with our team of experts to provide crucial guidance and support to the investment managers. The programme specifically aims to develop and support already-skilled managers to become globally competitive. These managers can use our skills in portfolio construction, risk management, discretionary implementation and asset allocation to ensure high-level active management of portfolios.


Providing support
Our research team supports the managers by conducting detailed due diligence regarding investments and operations to assist with mandate alignment, continuous investing and operations monitoring