Fixed income strategies

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Fixed income
Multi-manager, South African CIS
Emerging markets, Africa
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South Africa
Investors who require regular income and who prefer a greater certainty of capital repayment are best served by fixed income strategies which allocate to bonds issued by various entities including banks, corporates and governments. The term “fixed income” is slightly misleading as the strategy also includes bonds and notes which do not pay an income (like zero-coupon bonds) and includes many with variable income, like inflation-linked securities. What they have in common is some or all of a predetermined income stream, a maturity date, a return of capital and priority over equity investors in the capital structure. Fixed income markets are categorised by geography, currency and the creditworthiness of the issuer – for example, governments versus lower-rated corporates.


Strong capabilities
In addition to our strengths across the investment arena, RisCura brings uncommonly strong capabilities in research and a deep understanding of risk management in both emerging and mainstream markets.


Evidence-based approach
Credit analysis and loss avoidance are the cornerstones of fixed income portfolio management, and we look carefully at managers’ capabilities, experience and processes, while verifying that appropriate licences, insurance, sound corporate governance and compliance procedures are implemented.