Moving The Needle:
    Stewardship in China

    28 Jun 2022
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    Moving the Needle – Stewardship in China, released in June 2022, demystifies engagement and proxy voting practices as well as debunks common myths the West believes about investing in China.

    RisCura surveyed a wide range of global and local asset managers in China and analysed these results to show the opportunity institutional investors into China have to drive change, and the impact of stewardship practices on their portfolios and performance.

    RisCura has been researching proxy voting practices since 2011 when we produced Spoilt Votes – a research paper that unpacked the state of proxy voting practices at South African asset managers. We released our first Moving the Needle report in November 2021, which looked at engagement and proxy voting practices and how these are used (or not) to address ESG concerns in South Africa.

    We’re delighted to share the same in-depth analysis of stewardship in China with you and intend to continue adding to this library in time.

    Watch the launch recording, here.

    Stewardship in China